Ooh La Lace!

Lace can come off as dated.  It’s true.  In fact, it actually is dated: the craft originated in ancient times, with true lace work evolving around the end of the 15th century.  Today, however, brides are breathing new life into this open-work fabric.  Delicate, intricate, and feminine, lace has stood the test of time and is looking better than ever!

Not really a lace kinda gal?  Me either, usually… but take a look at these lacy details and you’ll be saying “Ooh La Lace” right along with me!

lace wedding details

We recommend contrasting subtle lace details with a modern wedding day style.  Another trend, however, is to doll up a rustic wedding theme with the soft fabric pattern.  We’ve even seen lots of burlap and lace pairings recently.  How would you incorporate lace into your wedding day?

See more lacy wedding day details on Pinterest!

Images: J.Crew Lace dress; Doily bunting; Intricate lace patterned cake; Lace wedding invitation; Sheer backed wedding dress; Vintage lace necklace by White Owl; Dolled up wedding favors; Lacy high heels (11/11).

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