Kinds of Gifts for the Bridal Party

It is customary for the bride and groom to get the bridal party some sort of bridal party gift to thank them for being a part of the ceremony and helping celebrate the big day.  The gifts do not have to be outrageous or expensive; something simple and heartfelt will suffice.

For the bridesmaids, you can get them all the same gift  or you can get them each something different.  No matter what you get them, make sure it is actually something they might like and might use.  For example, you could buy them jewelry to wear during the ceremony; it does not have to be diamonds, rhinestones or crystals will work just fine.  You could also get them a tote bag or a cosmetic bag.  They can use it to carry all their things to church and they will probably use it after the wedding as well.  If they like to travel, you could get them a set of luggage tags.  You can get personalized or non-personalized gifts.  Again, the choice is completely up to you; remember heartfelt is key.

For the groomsmen, again you can get them all the same gift or each something different.  You can get them something that coordinates with the bridesmaids’ gift or something completely different.  Again, you want it to be something they might like or actually use.  For example, you may choose cuff links, a money clip, mugs, flasks, belt buckles, luggage tags, or even watches.

For the flower girl and the ring bearer, you could get them shirts to wear at the rehearsal, toys or even color books.  You may choose a travel desk for the car, jewelry (for the flower girl) or even sports equipment.

The list of gifts for the bridal party could go on and on.  If you have tried to think of something to get the bridal party and just cannot decide, you can always use gift cards.  But again, make sure the gift card is to a place they will go.

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