Just Eloped: Wedding Announcements After the Fact

Whether you skipped out on the big ceremony for reasons of your own or you just had a destination wedding not everyone could make it to, you still probably want to share your good news with the rest of your friends and family. While you can always certainly call them up and let them know, wedding announcements can be a fun way to make them feel included in the wedding and your newfound joy even if they didn’t make it onto your list for wedding invitations.

If your destination wedding meant some older relatives and low-on-cash friends couldn’t make it, you can still keep the theme going for yourself and for them by co-opting single panel wedding invitations and simply printing your wedding announcements on them! It’s a simple and cute way to spur conversation when they call to congratulate you; if they live near you, it’s a nice idea to meet up and bring them a souvenir of the trip.

Did you and your new husband elope under the cover of darkness (or Vegas)? Announce the wedding afterwards with cute Leaving The Scene wedding invitations. With such quirky announcements, you can feel free to get a little saucier in your wording – if you want to splash “Just Hitched!” across the top, do it! You might want to throw a post-wedding party if you didn’t hold a reception, and these work just as well as party invitations.

For wedding announcements with a non-traditional twist, try out Fairy Tale Panel wedding announcements, printed with a frog prince and a “happily ever after” for a whimsical twist on love and marriage. These are so cute we’d almost be tempted to use them as wedding invitations, too!

Speaking of cute enough for wedding invitations, we also like the Bride & Groom Die-Cut Flats. The adorable shape highlights the design and your new status as husband and wife, perfect for informing your friends and family of the happy event.