It’s a Nice Day for a Black and White Wedding

It’s time for the wedding of your dreams, and you’re going for glamour! With a black and white wedding, you’re getting the best of old-school class as well as the cache of a modern trend. Easy to dress for and decorate, a black and white wedding makes for a fun, attractive theme, and you can start the fun with black and white wedding invitations!

Aim for simplicity with mix-and-match wedding invitations in deep black and stark white, but don’t think the limited color palette limits your choices. Pocket Fold Mix ‘n Match invitations have spaces within for enclosure cards – why not include an extra card detailing the theme and dress code? For an unexpected kick, try white on the outside and black on the inside.

Envelopment invitations bring a charming flair to your invites. Cleverly folding open to reveal your wedding invitations, Envelopments are available in different shapes and sizes so you can get exactly the look you want. If you’re aiming for a slightly more daring look with your wedding attire – layered gowns, perhaps, or swirling black-on-white embroidery – then these invitations are ideal, with their sweetly revealing shape.

Are you going for a more elegant black and white wedding? You’ll want everything to be perfect, from your elbow-length white gloves to the black candles and red rose accents, and that elegance should extend to your wedding invitations. Signature Pocket Invitations come in solid black, and open to reveal scripted white invitations in a simple, stunning display.

You can even go simple and traditional with 2-Layer Panel wedding invitations. With a black and white wedding, you won’t have to worry about coordinating an overbearing color scheme, you can just relax and let the classics work for you, right down to the color of your wedding invitations!

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