Wording Dilemma: Listing the Parents

My fiancé’s parents, who aren’t financially contributing to our ceremony or reception, want their names listed on our wedding invitation along with the names of my parents. My own parents, however, prefer very traditional wording and don’t think his parents should be listed. I don’t know how to please everyone!  –Finley from CA

Pleasing everyone may be almost impossible when it comes to planning a wedding! Fortunately, there may be a simple solution to this particular predicament.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents were the only names listed on the invitation, aside from the bride and groom. As with many of the formal, traditional aspects of weddings, this rule has relaxed and has evolved over time. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for couples to host their own wedding and/or share the expense with one or both sets of parents. The wording of the invitation alone is no longer necessarily indicative of who is paying for the wedding. With that said, you can still use traditional wording and include your fiancé’s parents.

A compromise between the desires of both sets of parents may be to list the groom’s parents immediately following his name. This respectful gesture will not go unnoticed! In the long run, your attempt to please will ensure that you, at least, will breathe easier.

Invitation versing examples

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