Invitation Presentation: The Next Big Thing

As the single SWAG gift upgrades to a soiree of sweet tokens and the wedding favor evolves into a guest goodie bag, modern social occasion gifting is clearly a package deal. As such, wedding invitations are receiving a little presentation panache.

From boxes, plants, and ribbon tied pouches, it’s so much more exciting getting a wedding invitation that resembles a romantic present rather than a dental plan renewal notice.

Pioneering this trend are stars like Christina Aguilera, whose elaborate invitation was housed in a two foot box stuffed with flowers. We love the idea of opening a fragrant, petal filled box to find the invitation nestled inside like a jewel.

If you are having a theme wedding, a unique invitation presentation is a great way to set the mood. If you are having a beach wedding, a wedding invitation in a bottle is an inexpensive and festive idea. For an Asian-themed ceremony, origami boxes make great invite holders.

In addition to being attractive, a nice invitation presentation has a practical side as well. Having a package helps keep your invitation looking pristine, and also allows more room for other helpful enclosures like maps, menus, and RSVP cards.

You put so much time and care into your wedding invitation-wording, fonts, colors and card stock. Don’t let your precious work get thrown in the shredder or recycled by mistake. Make your invite stand out with a package that begs to be opened. A thoughtful wedding invitation presentation helps you do just that.

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