Inexpensive Wedding Fabric – Burlap!

We’ve all seen several weddings where things were draped in tulle. From the backs of chairs, to make shift bows, and flowers, draped over pews and even to hold birdseed. This netting material is versatile and can be useful but, it can appear a bit over the top and really, it is becoming, quite outdated.

The answer folks, is burlap.

Yes, burlap is durable yet moldable and can be used for a variety of different things. You don’t have to be throwing an all-out country themed wedding to use this fun and forgiving material.

With so much going on in the day to day hustle and bustle of life, it’s not surprising that things that remind us of the past, simpler times, we find comforting. Things looking familiar, a little worn and a little loved is an embraced look. Especially with the shabby chic movement finding its way into wedding decor.

Below we have compiled a list of several different things you could use burlap for at a wedding. The possibilities are endless. Take our ideas and run with them.

Table runners: The material can come in a variety of different shades. It can also be purchased very rough and porous to smooth. This makes it extra versatile whether you wish to paint on it, sew some ribbon at the ends or leave it plain.

Wrap a small piece around the center of a glass vase or candle holder. Maybe even around a mason jar add a bit of vintage (or dyed to appear vintage) lace? A hemp rope or twine bow at the top will give it the final touch.

Cut the material into several squares and look up directions on how to make no-sew fabric flowers. These would look lovely glued to a wooden crate holding flower vases. Or as an accent to a napkin ring.

Forget adding the burlap flower to the napkin ring by making the napkin ring from burlap itself.

For the bride that must have a bunting somewhere but, shy’s away from bright colors, create one from burlap.

Have some old wooden crates that would look great as flower boxes? But they are covered in vintage advertisements that seem distracting? Cover them in burlap, simply stretch the fabric over them and use a staple gun to secure.

Have a seamstress who loves you? Ask her to sew up some wine bags as favors for your guests. Simply tie on a tag with your names and date or stamp it on with some fabric paint. If that seamstress is feeling extra helpful maybe she could make welcome bags as well?

Just simply can’t get out of tying bows to the backs of chairs? Say goodbye to the huge fake satin ribbon and make simple knots with thin burlap strips.

Maybe you already have a shabby chic table cloth. Old gingham or a floral, faux vintage style possibly? How about using burlap as an accent and a table number? Cut out a large square and paint on your table number. Sew this on to the corner of the table cloth where it hangs off the table for all to see.

Anywhere you’ve seen a fabric used as decor before, you’re likely to use this interesting material as well. So go on start brain-storming up the possibilities. Maybe you will think up the next big idea?