Incorporating Your Love of Coffee in Your Wedding

Coffee… so many of us love it! The way it looks, smells and tastes. With so many wonderful variations out there almost everyone has a kind they enjoy. There are a lot of people who are coffee lover connoisseurs even.

Are you a couple who loves all things coffee? Do you own a French press and stick up your nose when you hear someone say “coffee is coffee I can’t tell the difference?” Then maybe you should tie your love of coffee in with your wedding. Seem silly? Not at all. Read below for some advice on how to incorporate your love affair with java into your special day.

Having a brunch reception? Offer up several choices of flavored coffees and cappuccinos at a bar. Instead of a list of the wines and cocktails you are offering have a list of all your favorite coffee shop favorites.  (Don’t forget hot chocolate and warm cider for the kids and non-drinkers)

If you are having a late reception be sure to offer coffee and different creamers with your cake. Guests will love this sweet combination and the older invitee’s will enjoy a cup of jo before heading out the door prior to the now caffeine-fueled partying begins.

Love the idea of filling vases with something other than water and flowers? How about filling them full with whole coffee beans? It’s different to look at and smells terrific!

Going to have traditional centerpieces but, still want to incorporate coffee on the tables? Try one of these ideas:

Scatter, beans as some people do with faux jewels and glitter.

Place chocolate covered espresso beans in small jars on each table for a sweet pick me up. It’ll give them that bit of sweet that so many people crave at the end of the night and energize them to get out on the dance floor also.

Find coffee scented candles and place them in cute coffee cups that match your wedding colors. Want to see the candle? Old fashioned glass coffee cups will offer a bit more elegance and style when used instead.

Speak with your baker about doing a layer or two of coffee or espresso flavored cake.  If you aren’t serving a traditional wedding cake the favorite Italian treat Tiramisu which has a layer of espresso soaked lady fingers on the bottom would be a wonderful choice!

Don’t want to incorporate the actual bean but would still like to give a nod to your favorite beverage? Ask your local coffee grinder to purchase or have the large burlap bags they receive the whole beans in. Take these bags and re-use them at the reception. You could cut them down the middle and use them as table runners. Cut them, and paint them to read bride and groom and throw them over your chairs to mark your seat, or come up with your own idea. What a great way to show you care about re-using products!

Don’t forget your favors! Have a favorite local coffee brewery or grinder? Ask them to make up mini bags of their most popular coffee. Make up some labels to adorn them and you have one lively favor.

Many candle companies sell candles in a multitude of shapes, scents, and sizes. Check into small cup and sauce shaped candles that have different coffee, or chocolate scents. Many of these places offer discounts for buying in bulk. Add a small tag with your names and date on it and you have a super cute favor.

However, you wish to incorporate your favorite pick me up, we hope that you enjoy it and We hope that however you want to incorporate your love for this warm pick me up you enjoy it.