Ideas on How to Incorporate Rocks Into Your Wedding

Nature has been making its way into the hearts and minds of many designers lately. It seems that the back-to-simple trend has been pushing into all avenues of life, even weddings.

Many people think of plants when they think of nature themes for weddings. Brightly colored flowers, tree branches or even cacti. However, there is an increasingly popular item borrowed from nature that offers a not so obvious choice for your wedding décor that will really bring out the back to nature theme, rocks.

Yes, you read that right rocks. But for the sake of making them sound more sophisticated, should we call them stones?

Not only are there many different ways to incorporate them into your decorations, they are extremely inexpensive maybe even free.

A few of the ways to place stones in your wedding day are:

As place cards- Simply gather several smooth stones, wash and dry them. Then apply a coat of paint to them. Once dried, write the person’s name on each one. Lay these out neatly on a table at the reception for guests to select their name from.

In lieu of sand- Place pea sized pebbles in the bottom of mason jars along with votive candles.

Having an outdoor reception? Use large stones as paper weights. From holding the napkins in place to anchoring your table cloths. Many large stones are naturally a beautiful color already; just make sure they are clean.

Confetti can be messy so scatter natural or dyed pebbles around the centerpieces.

Again use them in lieu of sand at a beach themed wedding by placing them in pails with small shovels. You could write the table number on the pail and use them as table markers.

On your cake- If you are choosing a nature themed design for your cake, talk to your cake decorator about edible candy rocks. These yummy candies look and feel like the real thing but taste delicious. An excellent choice for the non-floral bride.

One of the great things about using rocks, pebbles, or stones. They are typically not very uniform each one has its own size and shape. This makes them a great choice for the bride who just cannot have her décor overly matching.

There are several other ways to have rocks and or stones incorporated into your wedding style. A quick search on the internet or a brainstorming session with your friends over coffee and you’ll be sure to dig up some new ideas.