Ideas for a Halloween Wedding

Halloween for many people is a favorite holiday. With all of the dressing up, the over the top decorations and costumes, and of course the candy what is not to love? It makes sense, that many October brides choose to incorporate pieces of this beloved holiday into their wedding.

During the Ceremony

Consider having the bridesmaids carry smile lanterns in lieu of floral bouquets. With led lights, there is no worry of a fire or being burnt, and the warm glow these give off will be beautiful. This is also a fantastic choice for the bridesmaids with allergies.

Nix the pew bows and have a few ears of Indian corn tied off with raffia for the ends of the pews.

Or, hang those lanterns from the end of the pews.

Sit a couple of super-sized pumpkins just outside the church doors. For an evening wedding, go ahead and turn them into jack o’ lanterns just be sure to used led lights as they are likely to sit for some time unattended.

Have the flower girl throw fake leaves in fall colors instead of the more traditional flower petals.

The non-traditional couple may even have the flower girl and ring-bearer come dressed in their Halloween costumes. This sure would be a great way to ensure they don’t ask to change as soon as they show up to the church!

At the Reception

Do we really even need to mention a candy bar?! This popular trend is a hit at almost any wedding, and is definitely a good idea for a wedding taking place near Halloween. Many stores have their candy prices lower than during the rest of the year. Also there is an abundance of little trinket bags and boxes in fall colors out.

A few painted or carved pumpkins as centerpieces are an inexpensive and super cute alternative to floral arrangements. These are also to likely be very welcome take homes for those who helped you with the wedding festivities.

Ask the bartender to come up with a spooky named signature cocktail. Not only should the drink taste good but, it should have a seasonal flavor, or better yet be served warm. The color should either match your wedding colors or come in a warm autumn shade.

The groom’s cake is supposed to be fun right? If you have a groom who is rocker why not ask the backer to make a skull shaped cake? Or for the couple with a sense of humor, opt for a tombstone shaped grooms cake. Ask the baker to write something a little hokey on the cake along with your wedding date as the day his bachelorhood died!

There are many more ideas out there when it comes to incorporating Halloween into your wedding day. Just be sure to keep in mind that this is your wedding and you don’t want to take away from your special day. Hiring a tarot card reader for extra entertainment at the reception may seem like fun, but maybe you worry that you will never hear the end of it from your parents. In this case, consider all those more “out-there” ideas for a Halloween bash at your house the following year!