How to Save Money on Your Wedding Reception

Using white as your background color for the reception will save you a lot of money. That way, you can incorporate your wedding colors as the “pop” factor. A simple, white covering with a broad band of fabric or ribbons down the center of each table is understated, but very elegant. Be sure to use the same color ribbon as the attendants’ dresses and flowers. The saying “less is more” is so true!

A centerpiece on every table is not necessary, but if you would like to dress the tables up a bit, consider using small crystal bowls filled with water to hold one large bloom, such as a rose, magnolia or hydrangea. For your gift or punch tables, you can use vases to hold your attendants’ flowers. This will help to spread your colors around the room without adding to the flower budget. If you do opt to do this, make arrangements in advance for someone else to be responsible for the task. You will have enough on your plate to get done during the reception.

Fine white netting is inexpensive and easy to use to dress up the head table, gift table and cake table. Add ribbon around the edge for a crisp, finished look. Stay away from crape paper and big honeycomb bells. If you want to drape anything from the ceiling, use the netting, with broad ribbon for tie backs or bows. It will cost less and have the same gorgeous effect.

If you plan an early afternoon reception, you can go with finger foods instead of a full meal. There should be no need to buy utensils. But now you may be wondering how people will eat the cake! Wedding cupcake towers are becoming ever more popular. Many bakeries offer this option, but if you really want to save money, have a baking party with a few friends and do the baking yourselves. Then all you need is a few talented friends to decorate the cupcakes and tower for you.

The biggest cost cutting idea we can give you on decorating the reception hall is to do it yourself! Most venues will let you decorate a day or two in advance. Enlist the help of family and friends and put together the ideal stage for your celebration.

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