How To: Recycled Paper Chandelier

recycled wedding invitation paper chandelierAbout a year ago, Katie and I teamed up to style a booth for a local bridal show with the goal of creating a modern, handcrafted space.  One of our most prized projects was our recycled wedding invitation paper chandeliers… not to toot our own horns, but we weren’t the only ones that loved them!

Today we’re sharing how to craft your very own recycled paper chandelier!

additional supplies for paper chandelier

Supplies needed:

  • Paper of your choosing – recycled invites, books, magazines, or newspaper are all fantastically eco-friendly options
  • A hanging lamp frame
  • A circle punch – we used three varying sizes; you could even use a different shape!
  • White thread – you could use a different color depending on the look you’re going for
  • A strong adhesive – we used a very sticky double sided tape

photo of invites and gluing circles for chandelier

Punch circles from your paper, preferably in varying sizes.  Decide on the length of your thread and cut all pieces to that same length.  Since each level of your frame is gradually suspended, you will get a pretty tapered look.  Hang your frame at a good working height and begin to tie on lengths of your thread, working from the inside bottom tier, up and out (complete each tier before moving to the next to limit tangles).  Begin applying adhesive to your circles.

circles on paper chandelier

Sandwich the thread between two circles of the same size.  If you put one at the end of each strand, it will help weigh that piece down as you work and give it a finished look.  In general, we kept smaller ones nearest the bottom and the largest circles nearest the top, sprinkling in a few here and there for a semi-planned, but random pattern.

paper chandelier views

Once all dots are adhered, hang your chandelier and admire your handiwork.  Feeling extra crafty?  Make three like we did to hang in a pretty cluster at a special occasion, over your desk, or over your baby’s crib.

Please note that we do NOT advise actually using this as a lamp.  This is purely for decorative purposes.

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