How To: Heart-Shaped Birdseed Favors

heart shaped birdseed wedding favorsHeart-shaped birdseed wedding favors are so simple, lovely, and useful!  Monica’s making them for her November wedding, a time of year that the birds will especially appreciate them, just as her guests will!   She used a tutorial found online, but tweaked it slightly to fit her needs.  Last Friday, we spent the afternoon making a few in the studio.  She even let me take a few home for my neighborhood birds!

birdseed heart-shaped favors -- supplies

You will need:  Birdseed  |  Knox gelatin packs  |  Water  |  Heart-shaped cookie cutter  |  Non-stick spray  |  Straws  |  Wax paper  |  Mixing bowl  |  Cookie sheet  |  Twine or ribbon

how to: heart-shaped birdseed wedding favors

Dissolve a packet of gelatin in about 1/4 cup of water, bring to simmer and stir until dissolved.  (We used the microwave to heat water in the studio, but a stove is preferable.)

how to: heart-shaped birdseed wedding favors

While waiting for your water to heat up, cut straws into about one inch increments.

how to: heart-shaped birdseed wedding favors

Cut however many you need for the number of favors you are making.  You will use these to create your holes for hanging.

how to: heart-shaped birdseed wedding favors

Once your gelatin mix is ready, pour about 3/4 cup of birdseed into a mixing bowl.

how to: heart-shaped birdseed wedding favors

Pour in gelatin mix and stir.  You don’t want this mixture to be too wet, so if you see liquid puddling in the bottom, add more birdseed.  (We wound up using about a full cup of seed.)  Mix well.

how to: heart-shaped birdseed wedding favors

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and coat your cookie cutter with non-stick cooking spray before getting started.  Then begin filling your heart-shaped cookie cutter with birdseed.  (You’ll want to move through these pretty quickly because the gelatin will start to set as it cools.)

how to: heart-shaped birdseed wedding favors

With your heart fully packed, place a piece of a straw where you’d like the hole to be.  Make sure the straw goes through to the cookie sheet.  Gently lift your cookie cutter up and move on to the next one.

how to: heart-shaped birdseed wedding favors

You’ll knock out several in no time!  We were able to get about 6-8 per batch, but this will depend on the size of your cookie-cutter.  Let these cool for about 45 minutes and then remove the straw pieces and flip the hearts over.  Once they are pretty rigid, you might want to let them finish setting on a cookie rack, so air can get to them from all sides.  It is important that they dry throughout so as to not grow any mold.

Once your hearts have set fully (maybe a day or so), add natural twine or even a ribbon to hang them by.  (Natural twine is better for the birds and they will actually use it to help construct their nests!)  Add a sweet note and either hang on a branch display at your wedding reception or place in favor bags to be sent home with your guests!

Gather other great DIY project ideas on Pinterest!

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6 thoughts on “How To: Heart-Shaped Birdseed Favors

  1. Kristen

    What a great favor project! I love idea of hanging these on a bunch of branches at the wedding reception for guests to take as they leave!

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  3. L Ruiz

    How long to these last or how long can you store them? Do they fall apart or anything if you havent used them in a while. Im asking becuase I want to make some for a large group of people but I want to do it ahead of time but dont know if they would make it a couple of months.

  4. Monica Womble

    L. Ruiz, I made these about two months before our wedding. I “stored” them in a single layer on our table with some spread out on cookie cooling racks and some on parchment paper. They were in a pretty sunny spot, and I turned all of them about once a week (after the initial drying). There were a few that fell apart a bit when I packed them up in the favor bags, but I think that was mostly because I didn’t have the correct proportion of seeds/gelatin on those specific hearts. I would be sure that they stay dry and there is good air flow while you are storing them, and you shouldn’t have any problem with mold. Good luck and let us know how they turn out!

  5. Lauren

    I just made mine about an hour and a half ago and they seem like they will be very flimsy. Is this because I didn’t pack them tight enough (they were sticky so this was hard for me to do), or because they haven’t dried fully, or because my gelatin:bird seed ratio was off?

    Has anyone tried baking these in the oven at all to help them dry? (It’s humid here so I didn’t know if they would dry properly)

    I’m doing a few trials and can hopefully get them to work out before my wedding in late July!

    1. Kristen Klett

      Thanks, Lauren! Let us know how your trials worked out. I imagine there will be some variation based on environmental factors. We’d love to know what worked for you!


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