How To: Assemble Envelope Liners

Envelope liners give an added pop of color to your already unique wedding invitations.  They are simple, sweet, and actually very easy to assemble on your own. We offer matte and shimmer options to coordinate with your perfect wedding invitation suite.  We are happy to assemble them for you (“Full Assembly”) or you can opt to be crafty (“DIY”).  Here’s a quick rundown of how to assemble envelope liners.

diy envelope liner supplies

If you plan to use inner and outer envelopes, note that the inners will get lined; if you are using single envelopes, you may line them up to the adhesive line.  You will need your envelopes, liners, adhesive (we like Tombow — if you choose another, make sure it is not a wet glue), and a bone folder (optional).

how to assemble envelope liners

  • One – Open the flap of your envelope and set it aside.  If working with multiples at once, I would open them all at once and then get started.
  • Two – Run a strip of Tombow along the top edge of the liner, pressing firmly.
  • Three – Just like so!
  • Four – With the adhesive side facing down, slip the bottom of the liner into the envelope.
  • Five – Gauge where you would like the liner to be placed, visually making sure it is straight.
  • Six – Press the liner down along the edge to firmly adhere it to the envelope.
  • Seven – Hold the liner in place, and fold the flap back over.
  • Eight – You can use a bone folder to smooth the flap edge of the envelope.  This step is optional and can be accomplished by using your fingernail, a pen, or anything that won’t mark your paper.
  • Nine – That’s it, you’re done… voila!

Happy envelope lining!  We’d love to hear if there are other DIY items you’d like a hand with.

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