How many colors should you choose to use in a wedding?

Most brides choose one color as their wedding color. The dresses that the bridesmaids wear are traditionally the wedding color. Try to stay away from loud, floral prints for your attendants’ gowns. Select a color that appeals to you, and use variations of that color as accents for your decorations and flower arrangements.

If you choose to use two colors, be sure they complement each other. You really don’t want the attendants’ attire and the decorations to clash. It can get so distracting that no one notices the “lady in white.” Remember, this is your day to be the center of attention and nothing should detract from you. Your wedding colors should be considered your background.

Some brides have been known to have “rainbow weddings.” This style of bridal party requires each attendant to wear a different color of the same gown. While this is an interesting way to use several colors, it can appear busy and disjointed, especially when it comes to decorating the church or reception hall.

If you choose one color and would to have your maid-of-honor stand out just a bit more than the other bridesmaids, consider ordering her gown in a lighter or darker hue than the rest. Be sure to notify the florist of the color difference in her bouquet as well. A swatch of each fabric should be included with your flower order.

Black and white weddings are very popular right now. This provides a great background for pops of pink and red accents such as flowers and decorations. Pink is lovely for spring and summer weddings, while red makes an excellent accent for fall and winter events. If you select a black gown for your attendants, they will be more likely to use the dress again, especially if you go with a tea or knee length hemline. Black is sleek, sophisticated and a wonderful way to attain a formal look on your big day.

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