Honeymoons for Couples with Kids or Who are Kids at Heart

Sometimes good clean fun is the best medicine after months and even years of stressful wedding planning. Many couples are also taking ‘family-moons” when their marriage is blending two different families with children.  Here are some great honeymoon, or family-moon, locations for kids and kids at heart.

Disneyland (Florida) and Walt Disney World Resort (California) – The magic of Disney is world renowned and the Disney parks have something for everyone.  Movie themed attractions, amusement rides, fun themed hotels and the chance to happen upon some of your favorite movie characters from Disney movies both classic and new are just the start of the attractions at the Disney parks. Disney also offers cruises that are family friendly. World class boardwalks, golf courses and every amusement you could possible dream to experience can be found at a Disney park. Disney also offers adventure trips around the world to places like Costa Rica and Glacier National Park.  Disney is a great honeymoon destination that brings the dreams of children of all ages to life.  Disney even offers destination wedding packages where you can truly be Cinderella for a day.

Maryland – Maryland has a little bit of something for everyone.  You can go from theme parks, to nature reserves to the beach all in one honeymoon without traveling very far.  The boardwalk in Ocean City is great for shopping and relaxing on the beach. The boardwalk also houses several bike rental shops perfect for an early morning couples or family bike ride. St. Clement’s Island is the site of the original Maryland colonization and has a museum and a memorial showcasing that, as well as 40 acres of amazing scenery and photographic opportunities.  Maryland has lots of museums, a well renowned aquarium, a great zoo and countless eateries for any budget. Maryland also features a Six Flags amusement park and plenty of historical sites so you can have a fast paced adventure filled day or a relaxing slower paced day.  Maryland offers a lot to do in a relatively small state and is perfect for a honeymoon or family-moon.

New Jersey Shore(s) – Amusement filled piers, lively boardwalks and extensive beaches make the New Jersey shore a great place to honeymoon with or without children. Lighthouses and other historic sites can be found in many of the towns on the Jersey shore. You can fish, swim, surf and go dolphin and whale watching if you live near the water.  Food choices include everything from fine dining to cheesesteaks and salt water taffy on the boardwalks. Whether you want to scope the local bands in Sea Isle City or just lounge on the beach then ride the beach tram to the boardwalk in Wildwood, the New Jersey shore towns offer a carefree atmosphere for your honeymoon.

Flexibility is key when traveling with children.  Even when you are traveling just as a couple, flexibility can make for a much more relaxing and fun experience.  Choosing a place that offers options for almost anyone in any weather will help ensure a great honeymoon for children of all ages.