Painted Glass Votives

The Green Kangaroo has some pretty great neighbors; our newest of them, Cary Creative Center, was happy to help us pare down our inventory when we made our move in March.  The local non-profit promotes recycling through art and opened up shop with donations from all over the area.  Paper, buttons, bottle caps, and even toilet paper tubes challenge artists to re-purpose unusual, and otherwise discarded, supplies.

I visited the C3 shop to get ideas for upcoming projects and left with a bag full of goodies.  You’ll be hearing more of them, as I challenge myself (and all of you DIYers) to create with a re-use mentality.  What pretty things can we make with what others have left behind?

This week, I’ve dolled up a few small glass votives (found at C3 for a quarter a piece!).  With a little paint and some fanciful silver-leaf, I’ve given these cute glasses a new life.

painted votive how to

I intend to use mine as small bud vases — don’t you think one big bloom would look so pretty set in each one?  If you want to keep them as candle votives, I would suggest using a transparent glass paint.

What DIY projects are on your to-do list?

To see other projects I’m working on for my wedding, check out my handmade bride Pinterest board!  And for other fun projects, I have a diy delights board.

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