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handmade bride logoThroughout my wedding planning, I’ve found that working in the wedding industry, and especially at a custom wedding invitation boutique, has been both a HUGE perk and also a little bit of a challenge.  Between the work we do at The Green Kangaroo, the work our talented colleagues do, and the vast number of gorgeous weddings we “ooh and ahh” over every day, it is tough to process it all and hone in on the exact individual look that I and my fiance want for our wedding.  Not only are our own expectations high, but so are others,’ because, after all, they should be of someone who does this everyday, right?!  Well, it’s a good thing I’m always game for a challenge.

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Being that the big day is so close, I don’t want to give away too many of our little details just yet, but above you’ll see a few sneak peeks of some recycled jars I’m working on for the reception.  Also pictured are the invitations to my upcoming shower that my sweetheart matron of honor is hosting for me.  It was kind of funny when it came time for her to square away the shower invitations because she knows how much I enjoy designing, but that I don’t generally get to do so at work… so she asked if I’d want to or have her pick something else out.  Well, of course, I was thrilled to and so happy to have them printed by TGK too.

sneak peek: screenprinted wedding invitationsMy most recent hurdle was finalizing our custom designed DIY wedding invitations and, boy, was it a big one.  Again, I can’t share too much just yet because there are a few guests that still have not received theirs.  (Everything is top secret right now, I know — sorry.)  Lessons Learned #26 & #27 — Get your ideas together early and stick with them.  Don’t second guess yourself too much because it’ll all work out in the end if you go with what you love.  I had an initial idea based on some artwork I have done previously, but I still went over a couple dozen variations in my head before I just went with it.  As it turns out, the fella and I are super happy with them.

You’ll get to see them soon, I promise!  Above I’ve shared a few behind-the-scenes shots of me at work in my art room, or, more appropriately, “Wedding HQ.”  The process was an interesting one and I was lucky to have some help with making it all come together.  Keep an eye out for a special edition post of these really soon!

Meanwhile, see more handmade loveliness and sneak peeks on Pinterest!

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