Sweet Cards for My Girls… and Guys!

handmade bride logoLast month, I said “Yes” to the dress… and a week later, I had to say no.  I knew something wasn’t quite right when I picked up my wedding dress, but I just couldn’t place it.  After comparing some photos and notes, I realized it was the wrong color; needless to say, I felt like a goof.  Lesson Learned #11 Inspect every detail of your wedding gown before taking it home; whether it’s been ordered for you or is off the rack, be sure it’s 100% perfect.  Not to worry, the correct version has been ordered and I get to pick it up this week, which means I have an excuse to wear it just a little bit more before stashing it away for a few months!

handmade bridal party cardsAfter lots of thought, I finally settled on five lovely folks for my bridal party.  I handmade each of them a sweet little card to invite them to be part of Matt and I’s big day and, luckily for me, they all said “Yes!”  I printed my design at home and then lightly glued on my scrap fabric hearts before sewing around their edges.  That’s right, the one to the left up there says “bridesMAN!”  I asked both of my brothers to be in the wedding.  Lesson Learned #12 — It can be tricky to narrow down the wedding party; pick those you love and don’t worry about rules or tradition.

handmade bridal party cards

As happy as I am with the way the bridal party cards turned out, I have, unfortunately, fallen behind on my save the dates.  It is SO much tougher than I imagined to get them just as I want — perfectly cool and hip, but pretty and classy all at once.  We have several exciting ideas, but some finalization is in order.  I’m keeping them under wraps until they are ready, so you’ll just have to wait and see!  Lesson Learned #13 — If you care whether someone else uses your ideas/colors/whatnot, keep them to yourself.  Even though I’m a little behind, the good news is I was smart enough to buy postage prior to the rate increase.  I also have my eye on some pretty new stamps coming out in April, just in time for my invitations — I decided they’d be worth a few extra pennies to wait for.


What to do’s are you working on?

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