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Last month I shared with you my Wedding Binder Breakdown… this month it might just be a mental breakdown!  Boy, how time does fly.  I was trucking along at such a good pace and somehow now I’m down to just over two months to go, with oh so much left to do.  Lesson Learned #24 — Breathe!  Amid the little (and supposedly simple) decisions of which paper to use for the invites, and what flowers to arrange in which vase, and what songs to play in which order… just breathe.

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Lately, I’ve been experimenting with a handful of DIY project ideas for our wedding decor.  Admittedly, the perfectionist in me isn’t thrilled over some of them just yet (eh em, see photos above) and so my projects are evolving as I go.  Lesson Learned #25 — Break.  This one’s tough for me; even though I’m not stressing out about these things (yet), I’m constantly thinking about them and so they seep into my dreams even.  Step back, take a break, and perhaps sip a glass of wine.

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To help gather my thoughts, I walked over to our wedding venue (two blocks from home!) the other day to take some notes.  Of course, my notes translated into a handful of new projects for me.  Look at those doors just waiting for some exciting wedding decorations to adorn them!

So where are you with your planning?  Are you feeling the pressure of a wedding date right around the corner?  Swap some stories with me!

And, of course, check out my Pinterest board for other ideas and such!

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