Cakes for the Guys

groom trends logo That’s right, we’re introducing Groom Trends into our Fresh Forward series.  We enjoy sharing all sorts of lovely wedding day inspiration with our brides and hope to feature some fresh ideas for the fellas as well.

Groom’s cakes have been a tradition for centuries, though they are often credited as a newer Southern custom.  Guys, all you need to know is that this is a surprise confection that your fiancee will pick out just for you; they can be funky, personal, and, best of all, edible.  Ladies, here are a few ideas for making sure your handsome groom has one heck of a cake!

drum groom's cake

When he’s not spending time with you, of course, what is he doing?  Drum up inspiration based on his talents.  This snare drum cake, complete with custom engraved drumsticks, will be a hit with any musician.

bulldog grooms cake

Yeh, yeh, you’re his best friend, but who’s that slobbery loyal companion that follows him everywhere?  Chances are his other best friend won’t be at your wedding, so style a cake in his pup’s honor.  Bulldog cake via Pink Cake Box.

dartboard grooms cake

Does your guy have a competitive side?  Playfully choose a cake based on his favorite game, or even a favorite team.  Dartboard cake via Patty Cakes.

bat mobile grooms cake

Comics?  Geeky?  Neh.  You’ll be the superhero that saves the day with a cake modeled after your dude’s favorite character.  Batmobile cake via USA Today.

technics turntables grooms cake

Does your fella kick it old school with vinyl and a turntable?  Play up his funky interests with a cake shaped as something he enjoys.  Technics turntable cake via Delish by CakeLava.

pacman grooms cake

Is your guy a gamer?  Give a classic nod to his favorite past-time, with an iconic Pac-Man themed cake.  Pac-Man cake via Craftzine.

cheeseburger grooms cake

Is your hubby-to-be a foodie?  A cake in the form of any other food will be a hilarious winner.  Cheeseburger and fries cake via All Women Stalk.

What do you think about the groom’s cake tradition?  Is your guy getting one come wedding day?

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