Grooming the Groom

Cleanly Shaven

No one wants to see a groom with a 5 o’clock shadow or one with shaving bumps. Shave with the grain to avoid bumps and if you have a really sensitive face try using gel rather than foam. Let the gel soak in for about 5 minutes and use a blade. You can always go to local barber who are usually skilled at giving nice close smooth shaves.

Don’t forget the brow

A great way to deal with eye brow trimming is with a good old fashion waxing. There is a little pain but it is well worth it. You also have the option of plucking but it does take more time. This is another job you have your local barber help out with as a scissor trim may be in order. This is something that should be done several weeks ahead of time. Oh and while paying attention to the brow, don’t forget to take a look at the wiry nose hairs.


If the stress of the wedding is causing you to break out you may need to fight back a week in advance by taking a prescription steroid like Prednisone. If you’re not lucky enough to have a week’s notice, a dermatologist can also give you a cortisone cream which can quickly help with swelling and color.  No time for any of that? Try some of the over the counter creams with sulfur that can help dry the hot spots. If you just want to try and hide the redness you can also tint with a solution like Liquimat until healing is complete.

Are you a sweater?

Some people are just cursed with hyperhidrosis which is an overabundance of perspiration. If standard over the counter anti- perspiration products don’t work you may need to bring in the heavy artillery. Doctors often prescribe Drysol. If this is a known problem consider the time of year you get married and the location. Hot and humid weather are not going to help your situation one bit.

Watch what you eat.

Keep a good regular diet not only helps with you being fit and healthy, it can also help your digestive track. Nerves can upset your stomach so don’t each a bunch of greasy food that can aid in the wrong way. Avoid spicy foods as well. You will have plenty of time at the honeymoon to indulge.

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