The Getaway Car

groom trends logo Even grooms that aren’t typically “car guys” can appreciate the personality that a getaway vehicle can add to the newlywed’s grand exit.  In fact, the getaway car doesn’t have to be a car at all.  Guys, get creative and surprise your fiancee with some suggestions of your own.  Whether by foot or hot air balloon, your wedding send off can be as stylish and unique as you wish.  We’ve picked a few of our favorites…

tandem bike wedding getaway

A tandem bicycle — well, this one is just super sweet, very indie, and eco-friendly as well.

vw bus wedding getaway

Who doesn’t love a VW bus?  Peace, LOVE, and happily ever after. (Source:

tesla roadster wedding getaway

Also eco-friendly, but way sportier than a bike, the Tesla Roadster is a snazzy ride to say the least.  Katie and her hubby, John, sped off in one of these from their wedding last year!

range rover limo wedding getaway

The Range Rover limo commands attention.

So guys, how will you whisk away your bride?  (Girls, you can answer too.)

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