Wedding Day Suiting: Part 2

groom trends logoHello, hello, fellas.  Last month we covered the basics of selecting the perfect suit for your wedding day; this month we’re kicking it up a notch with additional details to showcase your personality.

neckties - mens wedding day attire

Neckties are the simplest way to add flair to your attire.  Ben Sherman ties bring a pop of color and bold pattern for an unexpected look (shown in blue plaid and orange striped).  Sonic Fabric neckties, woven from recycled cassette tape, boast a major cool factor mixing a little bit of old school with modern wearable art.  The best part is that they’re actually audible if held under a tape head… awesome!

bow ties - mens wedding day attire

Bow ties are generally thought of as the preppier cousin of neckties, but this vegan architectural bow tie featuring blueprints from 1917 is suited for the 21st century man. Equally as dapper, yet with a vintage edge, Forage bow ties ( are handcrafted with deadstock fabrics in limited editions.  Also pictured is a preppy plaid bow tie handmade by Xoelle.

cufflinks - mens wedding day attire

It seems that cufflinks are not quite as popular as they once were, but take a look at these and try to explain why.  Hand-carved walnut steampunk USB cufflinks aren’t only tiny works of art, but high-tech gadgetry as well.  For the cyclist, these chainring links give a vastly different spin to the typical ones of earlier decades.  Baron Wells’ hand-lathed reclaimed wooden cufflinks bring ruggedness to a contemporary and timeless shape.

socks - mens wedding day attire

I hope this goes without saying, but mismatched, ratty socks just won’t do on your wedding day — suck it up and buy a new pair.  Better yet, buy a cool pair!  Stripes, argyle, or even a solid bold color will add an extra bit of oomph to your overall look.  Shown: Volcom argyles (; Chunky striped groomsmen’s socks (; Thin striped J. Crew socks.

tie right app More manly tips:

  • See some studly groom trends on Pinterest.
  • Get advice from Jack, the style wingman — after all, he knows best.
  • Download the TieRight app, a clean + quick go-to for necktie illustrations and daily tips.
  • Be prepared — check out Manpacks for subscriptions to all those macho things you hate to shop for.  (Go ahead and stock up on some new socks!)

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