Celebratory Cigar Stations

groom trends logoGuys.  Celebrations.  Cigars.  As a chic, I can’t say I get it: smoking a cigar to celebrate.  It’s not my thing (though I oddly do love the smell of a fine cigar).  I’ll guess it’s similar to toasting champagne, but the dude version.  It doesn’t take understanding, however, to know that the exchange is certainly the most gentlemanly form of congrats among the fellas.  So why not have a celebratory cigar station at your wedding reception?

groom trend: cigar station

Cigars and personalized matches are a trendy token of thanks.

groom trends: cigars

A “For the Gents” station offering cigars and custom golf tees.

groom trends: cigar station

Serving a variety, this cigar bar is a handsome addition to a wedding reception.

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