Great Honeymoon Destinations for Couples Who Like to Ski

For the couple who loves to ski, there are a wide variety of destinations where they can honeymoon. Days on the slopes with cozy cabins and fires in the evenings make for a romantic and exhilarating honeymoon. There are so many great ski destinations around the world it is hard to pick the best.  So here are some notable honeymoon ski destinations to get you started on your search.

Deer Valley, Utah – Well groomed trails, outstanding service and brag worthy food choices have earned this ski resort top-ratings in ski magazines for several years running. From the moment you arrive you know you are in for a treat when employees come help you unload your car. The resort also features an on-mountain ski valet where you can check your skis for the night at no charges instead of lugging them back to your room. The buffet and pastries are known for being some of the best available.  There are trails available for beginners and seasoned veterans alike.

Vail, Colorado – Vail offers something for everyone without being mediocre at any of it.  For those who love to ski, it offers rustic charm and a variety of terrains.  The resort and permitted areas are huge. There are a variety of shops and luxury hotel rooms for guests looking to relax. It is known as one of the pricier ski resorts, but you also get the most bang for your buck. Check out lunch packages and pass programs to save a little money at this breathtaking resort. Amateurs and moderately skilled skiers may want to schedule a full day adventure session with a pro, it is cooler than ski school and features line jumping.

Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia – The sheer size and scope of these Olympic sized slopes are enough to impress some of the most seasoned skiers. Somehow you manage to feel plenty of intimacy in this sprawling expanse of the resort. Crystal Hut is a log cabin that is a must visit when skiing Whistler.  Guests lunch at communal tables for meals like fire roasted salmon and regional wines. The ski town is more like a ski city with plenty of quaint stores for the traditionalist and chain stores for convenience. The accommodation choices vary from hostels to pure luxury. Forested hot pools, thumping nightclubs and eclectic cuisine choices will ensure you and your new spouse enjoy this bold experience on your honeymoon.

Aspen, Colorado – Aspen has a small town feel with lots of glitz and glamour.  Aspen is a resort of simple pleasures; you eat, drink and ski.  You would be hard pressed to find an eatery that disappoints and the slopes aren’t as commercialized as many are.  You often find the best places to ski a little off the beaten path.  This spot is best for couples actually going to ski as the luxury accommodations and happenings are minimal.

Beaver Creek, Colorado – Vail may get all the ski tourists, but beaver creek is a local gem. It has high lodging standards, highly ranked service and dining and excellent slope grooming.  There isn’t much nightlife but they feature free weekly family programs like disco nights. This is great for couples taking a family moon or who want a relaxed low frill vacation, but still want luxury.

Telluride, Colorado – This area is great for people with diverse interests. Snowmobile rides, dog sledding, fly fishing and ice climbing are just the start of the activities available to supplement skiing.

Mammoth, California – The sun of California with skiing that rivals some of the best ski resorts.  This isn’t necessarily the best place for avid skiers, but it is great for couples who just want to give skiing a try.

Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana – The views are amazing at this ski resort. Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake are just the start of the local natural wonders.  This ski area really feels the weather and has gotten 426 inches or more in certain seasons. Whitefish Mountain is remote without feeling backwoods and is known for simply great skiing and dining experiences.

There are so many great ski locations it is impossible to name them all here.  There are lots of things you want to consider when choosing the right ski resort for you.  Are you going to do lots of skiing? Are you and your new spouse novice skiers or beginners? Do you want a resort that allows snowboarding and other activities? Do you want access to spas and luxury hotels or do you prefer remote log cabins?  Price range, food preferences and nightlife styles can also help you choose the best ski resort for your honeymoon.  This is something you really want to discuss together to help you choose the right kind of resort.

No matter what ski resort you choose as a destination for your honeymoon it is sure to be a great combination of adventure and romance to start your journey as a married couple.