Go Traditional with Pink Wedding Invitations!

You’ve been waiting for this ever since you were a little girl – now it’s time for the wedding of your dreams! Why not go with one of the most classic romantic colors on the spectrum? Pink wedding invitations never go out of style.

Pick the exact colors you like with simple mix and match wedding invitations! From bright Azalea to girlish Cotton Candy to classic Pale Pink, mix and match invitations let you find the exact perfect shade for your pink wedding invitations.

Want something a little more exciting, but still subtle? Try bright pink-trimmed wedding invitations, complete with a feisty lime green envelope. Fun without being overwhelming, these wedding invitations are just pink enough to keep the tradition alive while still keeping it modern.

Are you the daring, yet still restrained type? Try a striped pink invitation! Pretty pink and brown stripes give your wedding invitations that festive, girly kick you need to get your friends and family excited for the big day.

Finally, for the true classic girl, scalloped pink wedding invitations offer the look you need for that great traditional wedding. Classy and sweet, these invitations are a pretty precursor to your pretty wedding!

These aren’t your only options, but they’re a good start. Pink wedding invitations are great no matter what type of girl you are – find the one that best suits you!

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