Go For The Gold With Your Wedding Invitations

No, this has nothing to do with sports-themed wedding invitations. It’s pretty simple: gold is shiny, and we like it. There’s a reason it’s the precious metal of choice for everything from engagement rings to Olympic medals. When you’re planning your wedding, you probably have the urge to include this favorite metallic shade somewhere, but be cautious! When you take gold beyond 24k you risk a wedding theme that’s more 1980s excess than subtle shimmer. Reign yourself in by starting out with gold wedding invitations!

One way to easily add in gold to your wedding theme is to balance it out with lots of bright white to make the small accents really stand out, like on these gorgeously simple Amber 2-Layer Wedding Invitations. Gold florish brings these wedding invitations from basic to beautiful while still adding a touch of decoration.  Let these invites inspire you – why not pair a pure white wedding dress with a simple thin sash of gold fabric or a glittering gold chain necklace?

Ready to go all the way with gold? Take the opposite tack from the above and send out these Anna Griffin Leaves Wedding Invitations (no longer available). They pair a pretty background of swirling gold leaves with a metallic wired gold bow to match, making these more than just wedding invitations; with details like that, they’re keepsakes! Use these invites as hints to your upcoming ceremony if you’re ready to go all out with an abundance of flowers and a wedding dress that bears more resemblance to the decadently-frosted wedding cake than a cocktail gown. After all, you only get married once!

If you’re committed to gold but still not sure how much you want to include it in your wedding theme, get inspired by MyGatsby’s selection of mix and match wedding invitations. With paper colors like antique gold and ink in shades of gold or gold foil, you can make the color central to your theme or just a simple accent. A bolder look can work for a wedding with gold tablecloths or even gold bridesmaid gowns, so don’t be afraid to try out a look like that! Feeling a bit more skittish about a possible gold overdose? Including it is as simple as gold nail polish or eyeliner on the ladies of the wedding party – with gold, you can sparkle as little or as much as you like!

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