Go All Out With The Fanciest Wedding Invitations

You’ll only get married once! If you’re going wild with the rest of the ceremony, from the laciest confection of a wedding dress to hundreds of creamy white roses and the best hazelnut-crusted salmon with braised leeks and truffle risotto for the catered meal, then why not go just as over the top with your wedding invitations?

For the prettiest, fanciest looks, we love Anna Griffin wedding invitations. Whether you want your invites festooned with ribbons over vintage floral prints or vellum and ribbon-wrapped in shades of cream and ivory, you’ll likely find the finery you’re seeking with Anna Griffin invitations.

Luxury’s often found in the details with wedding invitations, so keep an eye out for special little extras like a lovely translucent overlay with deckle edges or cleverly-placed satin ribbon. Like a nicely positioned painting in a room, they can easily add an elegant touch that completely changes the whole look.

If you want to simply add a little extra sparkle to your wedding invitations, try picking out a favored accessory or two. We love Midori ribbon and pretty pressed flowers. Adding one of these elements to your wedding invitations will easily take them up a notch on the glamor scale!