Get Festive With Anniversary Party Invitations

So you’ve passed the one-year mark, or two, or even more, and now it’s time to celebrate! Picking out your anniversary party invitations doesn’t have to entail nearly the amount of obsession that choosing the perfect wedding invitations did, but that doesn’t mean you should grab the first invites you see on the shelf, either. Consider modeling your invites after your wedding invitations, or get creative with these other ideas!

It’s easy to echo the look of your wedding invitations when sending out invites to your anniversary party – you can even copy the look directly by using the same printed separates you used for your wedding invitations for your anniversary party. The Emily Wedding Invitations work particularly well for this, since they’re relatively simple single panel invites. If you want a slightly more spirited look for your anniversary party invitations, try the champagne glass-shaped Cheers! Die-Cut Invitations.

Want a more personal touch? Make the anniversary party interactive with these Anniversary Party Detachable Invitations (discontinued). You may be familiar with this style from sending out these Rehearsal Dinner Detachable Invitations and Bridal Bouquet Detachable Invitations before your wedding invitations, and with these for your anniversary party you can get even more great advice! Celebrate your lasting love and get hints for how to keep it exciting in the years to come – after all, who knows better than your family and friends?

Did you send out your wedding invitations decades ago? Don’t worry about trying to replicate the look of them; for truly special anniversaries, go for the (silver or) gold. Landmark occasions like this deserve sparkle, pomp, and circumstance, so remind your guests that you’re both still kicking with fun metallic invites.

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