Flowers: The Bridal Bouquet

When selecting the perfect flowers for your wedding, you may be interested to know that flowers have special meanings.  The following list includes some of the most popular flowers used in weddings today.

Your wedding is the perfect time to indulge yourself with flowers that are special to you.  Not everyone will be aware of the symbolism of your choices, but YOU will!

You may want your bridal bouquet to include more exotic flowers.  With air shipment and hothouse cultivation, most florists will be able to honor these requests.  But before you commit to that special orchid, consult with the florist about substitutions.  The bride’s bouquet may complement the rest of the flowers without containing the exact same blossoms.

Keep in mind, an elaborate wedding gown demands an extravagant bouquet, while a simpler gown requires an understated and delicate arrangement.

Be sure to order a “tossing bouquet” if you would like to keep your bridal bouquet for sentimental reasons.  The florist can make the tossing bouquet a smaller version of your bridal bouquet, and tie longer streamers to the handle to give the traditional toss even more visual excitement.  If you plan to keep your original bouquet, ask your florist if they are able to preserve it for you.  If not, hang the bouquet upside down in a basement or screened-in porch until the flowers have dried out, spray with a clear shellac and place in an air tight, glass box.

Acacia – friendship Ivy – fidelity
Agrimony – gratitude Larkspur – laughter
Ambrosia – love returned Laurel – peace
Anemone – expectation Lilac – humility
Apple Blossom – hope Lily – purity & innocence
Aster – elegance Lily of the Valley – happiness
Azalea – temperance Magnolia – nobility
Baby’s Breath – innocence Myrtle – remembrance
Bay Laurel – glory Orange Blossom – purity
Blue Violet – faithfulness Orchid – rare beauty
Bluebell – constancy Parsley – beginnings
Calla Lily – beauty Peony – bashfulness
Camellia – loveliness Queen Anne’s Lace – trust
Carnation – devotion Rose – deep love
Chrysanthemum – abundance Rosemary – remembrance
Daffodil – regard Sage – immortality
Daisy – gentleness Stephanotis – marital happiness
Forget-Me-Not – true love Sweet Pea – delicate pleasure
Forsythia – anticipation Thyme – courage
Freesia – innocence Tulip – passion
Gardenia – purity Violet – modesty
Gladiolus – generosity White Daisy – innocence
Iris – wisdom Zinnia – affection
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