Flower Ideas for a Summer Wedding

A summer bride is a lucky bride when it comes to picking flowers for the arrangements and bouquets. It is always cheapest to choose flowers that are in season, and the summer season offers an incredibly diverse array of blooms. From the lilies of the field to hothouse roses, there are flowers that will suit every summer wedding from the most casual beach bash to the most elegant formal soiree. There are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing wedding flowers.

Summer Bridal BouquetsWhen choosing flowers for your bridal bouquet, be sure to take your own coloring into account. Blonde brides tend to look best with blue, lavender or pink flowers; brunettes can carry off richer, deeper colors like red, bronze and orange; and redheads really shine with lots of greenery, white flowers and small touches of color. Keep scale in mind as well – a petite bride can carry a pretty little nosegay of delicate flowers. A taller bride or larger bride can carry off a more elaborate bouquet, or a stunning, simple arrangement of long-stemmed calla lilies. With that in mind, here are some of the flowers that are in season for summer that can be used in your bouquets:

  • Stock, asters, stephanotis, calla lilies, Asiatic lilies, oriental lilies, baby’s breath, dendrobium orchids, anthuriums, ginger, heliconias, hydrangea, white gladiolus and white snapdragons.

Summer Wedding Floral Arrangements

To bring everything together, carry over some of the flowers from your wedding bouquet to your table and room arrangements. While you may want to keep your wedding bouquet in the white range, you can add a lot more color to your table arrangements. Keep the theme of your wedding in mind when choosing the flowers for your arrangements. Simple arrangements of wildflowers like daisies, stock and lavender can be perfect for a simple garden wedding, while stunning vertical arrangements using gladiolas or stargazer lilies can add a touch of drama to an elegant evening affair.

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