Five Reasons to Order Sample Wedding Invitations

1. You want the perfect color for your wedding invitations. Just as you have to carry a swatch from the bridesmaids’ dresses to make sure they get the right color shoes, you’ll want to see for yourself that the navy blue backing layer and cream printed layer perfectly matches the cream tablecloths and navy blue napkins at your reception.

2. You’re not sure how your printer will handle Unprinted Wedding Invitations. If you have any doubts at all that your printer will be up for the task of getting the wording perfectly placed on all one hundred of your invitations, ease your mind by ordering a sample beforehand. You’ll be glad you did.

3. A stack of samples is an excuse to throw a party. And let’s face it, you need to unwind. We say ordering samples of all the potential wedding invitations you might settle on is a great excuse to get your bridesmaids over to your house, serve mimosas, and brainstorm together on the perfect invites while you all look at samples and they help you choose.

4. Sample wedding invitations can be passed around. If you’re at the marrying age, chances are some of your friends are too, and they’ll appreciate taking your leftover samples for themselves when it’s time to plan their own weddings! Too much of a stretch? Scrapbooking buddies will certainly get some use out of your selection of swatches.

5. You just can’t choose. You want the in-person experience of going to a stationer’s and personally checking out the merchandise, but you don’t want the inconvenience of traveling or the high expense. By ordering samples of the wedding invitations you’re considering, you can hold the invites in your hands and feel for yourself what you’re getting before you decide for certain. And really, with gas prices these days, you’ll still be coming out ahead!

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