Feeling Just Vine: Ivy Up Your Wedding Invitations

There’s something inherently lovely and mysterious about clinging vines – where would the ivy leagues be without them? Vines are a classic decorative motif that adds a hint of old-fashioned classiness to any design scheme, and now you can bring that look to your wedding invitations.

Vines are a beautiful way to decorate for your wedding, whether you choose to wrap ivy around a banister at the reception hall or twist grapevines around the stems of vases at each table. For unexpected flair, try including a few short vines in with your bouquet, spilling over the top and trailing attractively from the cluster of flowers. Vines generally work best as borders rather than centerpieces, an idea seen put to use in these Gold Vine Border wedding invitations (discontinued). The metallic simplicity makes a statement without overwhelming the central message that your wedding invitations are meant to convey.

Keep your options open by ordering these Anna Griffin Platinum Vine Foldover Wedding Invitations (discontinued); they’re versatile enough to be used as response cards, reception cards, thank you notes, save the dates or small wedding invitations. The foldover construction allows for all of these possibilities, while the vine-crossed design adds a touch of formality. We love them for winter weddings, especially, with their swirling vines mimicking the patterns of frost on windowpanes.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just a big fan of the grape, you’ll enjoy the whimsical loveliness of these Festive Spirits Keepsake Wedding Invitations (discontinued). Metallic gold grapevines wind across the olive background accented by a ribbon the color of the ripest purple grapes, making these perfect for a destination wedding in Napa Valley or at your vineyard of choice.

Finally, if you’re looking to play with the motif without fully committing through your wedding invitations, intertwine vines into the post-ceremony celebration with these Whispering Winds Thank You cards. They’re prettily pearlescent and perfect for expressing gratitude to your wedding guests!

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