Fall Wedding Flowers

Autumn is naturally one of the most beautiful times of the year.  It conjures up thoughts of bright foliage and a rich palette of color: golden yellows, oranges, deep reds, browns, deep purple, copper and peach.  Choosing the right flowers and decorations for your fall wedding will add color and magic to your special day.

The first thing you should do is consult with a florist about which types of flowers are appropriate for your wedding.  Your wedding location and the region you live in will affect the choices you make.  But do not be afraid to mix it up by incorporating real silk and dried flowers.  In fact, fall weddings are perfect for mixing different mediums.  A talented florist can make it all blend beautifully.

If you plan on using real flowers, you should choose flowers that are readily available in your area.  Mini Calla Lilies are a florist staple and come in a wide range of colors, including burnt orange, golden yellows and deep reds.  Amaryllis, Asters Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Sweet William, Yarrow and Zinnias are other great choices for a fall wedding.  For the traditionalist, Roses, Daisies and Orchids are available in colors that will complement your fall wedding.  If you decide to go with flowers that are not in season, expect to pay substantially more for your wedding flowers and floral arrangements.

For your reception, consider decorating your tables with candles and hurricane lanterns, with the bases wrapped in a wreath of berries, colorful dried leaves (or silk leaves) and small pumpkins and gourds.  Dried corn and grasses, like rye and wheat, are also great for decorating.  Not only do they add interest and texture to your arrangements, they are also symbols for a prosperous, abundant and fruitful marriage.

Autumn is the ideal time for a wedding.  Echoing the abundance of nature’s beauty and celebrating the bountiful harvest of the season is perfect way to start your marriage.

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