Fall Wedding Decorations

The romantic atmosphere of a fall wedding captures the interest of many couples. Fall is the time of harvest and this leaves many options available when deciding which decorations to choose for your wedding celebration.Two holidays available during the autumn seasons include Halloween and Thanksgiving. Both holidays utilize a fall color scheme. This helps make the planning process easier because the date of the wedding also provides a color scheme based on the closest holiday.

Decorating your wedding with flowers

Autumn begins in the month of September and lasts until the end of December. This allows your wedding to take place between the holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Flowers are one of the most popular choices for a wedding decoration and the fall season provides many excellent options. Asters, chrysanthemums, dahlias, marigolds and zinnias are some of the flower choices available during the autumn months. These flowers are available in a variety of colors and match up well for any fall month.

For a wedding taking place in the month of October, it is recommended to choose flowers that are white and orange. The color scheme is a great choice for a wedding close to Halloween. Flowers available in these colors are the aster, chrysanthemum, dahlia, marigold and the zinnia.

Flowers are a versatile decoration because you can decorate almost any location with them. If your wedding is in a church or chapel, most couples will decorate the alter and aisles with colorful flowers. If you decide to have your wedding celebration at the beach, flowers are also a great option. And a beach is a great choice in the beginning of the autumn season while the temperature is mild.

Spice up your Ceremony with Dried Leaves

The fall months provide an advantage over the rest of the year. This main advantage comes from the changing temperature to the changes in foliage. In the fall, leaves begin changing to red, orange, yellow, and green. These colors provide an opportunity only available during the autumn months. Many couples use leaves to decorate their wedding ceremony. You can place these dried leaves on the alter or in the front of the chapel along with flowers. These dried autumn leaves provide a refreshing sight while displaying the beauty of nature.

Pumpkins, Gourds, and Squash

Pumpkins are plentiful in the months of October and November. You can decorate many aspects of the wedding with pumpkins because they can grow small or large. A smaller pumpkin is the perfect choice for a table setting. Another option is to choose artificial pumpkins.

Squash and gourds are another excellent choice for decorating. The squash is used in a similar manner to pumpkins when decorating for a wedding. Squash is more widely used as a decoration during the months of October and November. This allows you to use them in conjunction with a pumpkin. Although they make great decorations by themselves, they are even better together.

Decorative Corn and Cornucopia

Another option to consider when deciding on fall wedding decorations is the use of decorative corn or a cornucopia. Decorative corn is used in the fall months for decorating houses. Since these look great as house decorations, they can create the same effect for your wedding celebration. When planning your wedding, you can place these corns around the alter or the front of the chapel. Corn is a great solution is you are looking to add the spirit of the holiday seasons to your wedding celebration. This also provides a harvest theme.

If you are looking to be creative when planning how to decorate the alter, church or reception hall, it is recommended to use these fruits and vegetables along with a horn shaped wicker basket to create a cornucopia. A Cornucopia allows for the creation of a centerpiece, which utilizes squash, corn, and pumpkins.

Fruits and vegetables make great decorations but consider the following tips when decorating a reception or wedding ceremony.

  1. It may be beneficial to include fruits and vegetable decorations in a basket rather than placing them loosely on the table.
  2. Fresh pumpkins and squash can rot or go bad, so you may want to consider artificial versions of these decorations.
  3. There are many great fall wedding decorations, so the best solution may be to incorporate several different types of embellishments especially fall colored flowers.
  4. Create a cornucopia with fruits and vegetables or decorative corn. These provide an excellent fall centerpiece for your wedding reception.

The autumn months provide an excellent opportunity to utilize the beauty of nature into a stunning wedding decorative setup. The main colors of these months are brown, red, orange, white and black. There are many options to consider when decorating for a fall wedding. Choose from flower, pumpkins, squash, dry leaves, decorative corns or put them all together and create a cornucopia. You may also choose a Thanksgiving wedding in the month of November. Whichever autumn month you choose for your wedding, there are many decorative options available; and, when combined together, your guests will be impressed with your autumn themed wedding.

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