Fall Wedding Cakes

Fall is arguably a bride’s favorite time of the year to get married.

The color palette that nature provides this time of year is simply exquisite. Autumn weddings often have a more relaxed and laid back look compared to their often all-out spring counterparts.

A trend for this year’s fall bride is the simple wedding cake. From minimal designs, to no cake toppers and more, 2012’s autumn wedding cakes are being displayed nearly naked!

New favorite trends include:

Messy Frosting

Ask your baker for a cake stacked several layers high and covered in butter cream frosting. Doesn’t sound very different does it?  Definitely simple though right? Now ask for the frosting to be messy. The new contemporary messy icing technique is extremely popular and very chic. Check out any popular baking blog and you are bound to see several treats adorned with this cute frosting, (along with several tutorials for the DIY bride).

Crumb Coating

Another popular trend while possibly not considered as pretty (but definitely very unique) is the dirty iced cake. Typically when a baker creates the cake they first ice it with a crumb or coat or dirty icing. This is the first layer that they leave to set prior to covering the cake with fondant or the final “pretty icing” Some brides however, are urging the baker to stop right there. Leaving a plain and very unique but still very tasty cake. This is a great choice for the bride whom loves the cake and not the icing.


Brides who simply are flat out not a fan of icing at all have another option yet. Ask your baker if they can bake a bundt cake and top that with a chocolate ganache. Add a few berries for an extra bit of flavor and color and you have a beautiful cake to share with your guests. Of course opting for this idea will mean you will want several cakes, that’s what makes this a good choice for an indecisive couple. You can always have a few cakes in each flavor. My personal favorite, pumpkin spice with a sweet cream cheese glaze barely drizzled on top.

As always we want to remind you to stay true to yourself and make selections for your wedding that make you and your soon to be spouse happy. Trends come and go but your love is sure to last!

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