Everyday Etiquette – Second Marriage Ceremony / Reception


Here is a little bit of background:

We have both been married before. Myself it has been over 21 years and for him its been over 25 years so we basically want to thank everyone for being there for us over the years. We want a simple wedding but with class/taste. It was suppose to be small but the list keeps growing.

We are having the wedding at an outdoor chapel and the reception at a Club that he belongs too. Is it proper etiquette that we invite our family and inner circle to the church and at the start of the reception or at some point or maybe at the same time invite the other guests to the reception?

I would appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Thank you

The Everyday Etiquette Answer:


First and foremost, please accept my best wishes on your upcoming marriage.

Your wedding plans sound lovely. My suggestion would be to send everyone an invitation to the reception. Enclose a handwritten or printed note to your family and your inner circle of friends inviting them to be present at the wedding ceremony. Here is an example of such a note:

Dear Mary and Scott,

On Saturday, November 16th, Bill and I are being married at (name of chapel and location). Since we want to be surrounded by loved ones, we are only inviting our family and our dearest friends to the ceremony.

You will be receiving an invitation to the reception in the near future. We hope you can join us.


I think that your plans sound great and will be very tasteful.

I hope I have helped you out. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Ms. Carey

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