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Who pays for the bridesmaids dresses?


The Everyday Etiquette Answer:

Dear Tammy,

Traditionally, the bridesmaids and maid/matron of honor pay for their dresses. With this in mind, being considerate of their budgets is very important. If you find a dress you really love and it is expensive, maybe you can help pay for the dresses. This is a gesture that will be greatly appreciated. However, this may not be in the cards so try to keep the dresses in a price range that is workable for your friends.

Another issue is the style of the dresses. Since everyone is not a size 6, selecting a dress that will look good on all your attendants is a monumental task. My daughter-in-law selected 3 styles in the same color/fabric from one manufacturer. She then let each of her attendants choose the style best suited to her specific body type. It really was very effective, and the girls were delighted to have a little choice.

Hopefully this will help you out. There may be some ups and downs, but it will be a wonderful event.

Ms. Carey

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