Everyday Etiquette – Bridal Shower Bonanza


I am getting married in the fall of 2012. My friends and my mother’s friends all want to have showers for me. What is the proper number when it comes to showers?


The Everyday Etiquette Answer:

Dear Katie,

I send my best wishes on your engagement. What a busy and special year you have ahead of you!

The first thing to remember is that a bridal shower is a wonderful gift to you by personalĀ and family friends. No one should be invited to a shower that is not on your guest list. Therefore, the wedding guest list will help determine the number of showers you may have. Please remember to be considerate and not tax your close friends with multiple invitations. If you wish to have your wedding attendants, family and very close friends at more than one shower, encourage them NOT to bring gifts. “Their presence is their present.” It is said by many wedding professionals that two or three showers is the maximum. I would advise you to let your conscience and guest list be your guide.


Ms. Carey

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