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Although we specialize in wedding invitations and stationery at The Green Kangaroo, we can really do it all. Not to sound haughty, but from party invitations to posters, shower invitations to open house postcards, it’s absolutely no problem! Our products are merely starting points; in the end, they are whatever you need them to be.

The majority of our designs are quite flexible and not wedding-specific. I’ve brought some examples to the table to illustrate my point!

Seersucker wedding invitation and baby shower invitation

The Seersucker design is sweet and delicate, which is why it started as a birth announcement design. We think it makes a swell wedding invitation and is also well suited for a baby shower invitation!

Two Birds save the date and house warming party invitation

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes nesting! The Two Birds design (save the date shown) would lend itself well to a house warming party invitation or a moving announcement.

Boxy menu and engagement party invitation

If your friends or family are throwing you an engagement party, they need not look further. If you already have your dream TGK invitations picked out, the hosts can order invitations with your chosen design. Or even if you don’t, a funky design like Boxy simply says “party time!” The invitation shown was framed after the Boxy Menu.

Hydrangea menu and bridal shower invitation

The same theory goes for bridal shower invitations: they can match your wedding invitations, your wedding colors or just suit the season of the bridal shower. The Hydrangea design is a lovely choice for spring and summer events. The invitation shown is loosely modeled after the Hydrangea Menu.

Charm table card and sign

You might find that there are more specific stationery needs for your wedding day. Today’s reception often calls for more stationery than just table cards and place cards. At my wedding, I had buffet signs, cupcake signs, beer and wine signs, guest book cards for each seat, and an “unboxed gifts” sign! If you want to make things less awkward for your guests, inform them with signs! In some cases, it’s as easy as ordering extra table cards and substituting sign wording in place of “Table #.” We’ve had clients ask us to size them to fit various frame sizes. Not only do they become part of the decor, they help carry out your chosen theme.

Different sizes of favor cards

Another popular piece of reception stationery is the favor card. Depending on how much space is needed for wording, place cards, note cards or save the date cards are great vehicles for such information. Our customers frequently order monogrammed favor tags for goodie bags or welcome packets.

Whatever kind of printed product you need, just let us know! Birthday invitations? Itineraries? Moving announcements? Anniversary party invitations? Valentines? Seriously, anything you fancy: we’d love to help your vision become a reality.

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