Echo Your Wedding Dress With Your Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking for wedding invitation inspiration, you might be taking into account nearly every aspect of your ceremony, from the chosen colors to the design of the cake to the DJ soundtrack, or even the ceremony venue! There’s no need to fret any longer, however, so drop those bridal magazines and quit playing Bridezilla over your wedding empire for just one moment. For pretty and relevant wedding invitations, simply let your wedding dress inspire you.

If you’re finally living the lacy wedding confection you’d always dreamed of, you can easily find the fancy wedding invitations to match. The lavish selection from Anna Griffin* guarantees you’ll find the lush materials and lovely details that define your wedding dress, letting you echo lacework and seed pearls with damask and decadent sheer ribbon.

A simple way to add color to your wedding ensemble is by encircling a white dress with a colored sash in the shade of your choice; we like combining cool shades of blue and red with icy white dresses, or warm neutral hues like oak brown or forest green with off-white gowns. This is one of the easiest looks to echo with your wedding invitations, too – simply tie a sleek satin ribbon around your Jacket Wedding Invitations!

Non-traditional wedding dress wearers will want to go for wedding invitations as unique as their wedding dresses are, and with Custom Wedding Invitations, it’s simple to do so! You can choose the colors to match your cocktail wedding dress, and add in ink in the shade of your gown’s embellishment. A gold-swirled navy dress can be replicated with gold ink on navy single panel wedding invitations, and that’s just one possibility. Give it a little thought and see what you can come up with yourself!


*Anna Griffin collection no longer available.

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