Does Having a Double Wedding Save Money?

What if your sister, your cousin or even a very close friend suggests sharing your wedding day?  Most women, at first, would probably shy away from a double wedding.  But if the other bride is your sister, your parents will surely appreciate the substantial savings and the treasured memories.

From the start, all of the parties involved should have a group meeting to set the budget, agree on a ceremony site and the reception venue.  Consider your relationship with your co-bride.  If the two of you are totally different when it comes to fashion, you may want to forget the whole thing.  But if you are both fairly main stream, this could work out beautifully.  You can choose different dresses and colors just as long as they are complementary to each other.

Only one wedding invitation needs to be ordered!  This will save on postage as well as your wedding stationery.  The wording will be the same as on any other invitation except the older of the two brides and her groom should be listed first.

Another obvious savings will be with the flowers and the reception.  Most receptions today end up being the biggest expense.  But with a double wedding, there will be the benefit of having only one venue to rent, one band to book and one caterer to hire.

Make sure to honor the protocol of a double wedding ceremony.  The wedding party of the older of the two brides proceeds down the aisle first, followed by the older bride.  Then the bridal party for the second bride proceeds down the aisle, followed by the second bride.  The same applies when entering the reception hall.  Two full wedding parties can get rather large, so make sure the ceremony site and reception area are able to accommodate everyone without looking crowded and chaotic.

You also may decide to  have a double wedding shower.  This is very convenient for your guests.  But if you would like to retain some individuality, tactfully request doing some parties and/or showers separately.

A double wedding can save on expenses but create a wealth of memories for years to come.

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