Do It Yourself Photo Booth

Photo booths are becoming a very trendy and fun option at wedding receptions of all shapes and sizes.  Having a photo booth at a wedding can be a large added expense as they often cost upwards of a thousand dollars to rent.  Here are some ideas for a do it yourself photo booth that will keep your guests entertained and give you plenty of memorable pictures, all without breaking the bank.

Set the Stage – Find a background for your do it yourself photo booth.  It can be a sheet, a shower curtain or something more elaborate if you have the time. Simply hang it from the ceiling or drape it over a tall structure. Duct tape and curtain rods may also be an option for hanging the backdrop, just be sure to consult the venue in advance about any limitations and restrictions. A free standing wall painted a solid color with picture frames cut into the wall is a fun option if time permits. Decorate the openings that are cut for the picture frames to look like actual frames.  Put cutouts at a few different heights to accommodate all the guests.  This way when the guests stand behind the wall it looks like their faces are the framed photos.  Later, drape a sheet or shower curtain over the wall to create an entirely new background and get the guests taking pictures again.

Provide the Props – Provide silly hats, glasses, umbrellas and pretty much anything else to help guests create memorable photos. A few ideas for props:

  • a chalkboard with chalk or a dry erase board with markers and a cleaning cloth.
  • silly hats, oversized clown type clothing, tiaras, foam accessories (pick these up at discount stores after each major holiday for a great deal)
  • team memorabilia – if the bride or groom support a certain team memorabilia from that team (and maybe even their arch enemy) can make for some fun pictures
  • absolutely anything comical.  Anything oversized or undersized
  • mustaches, hats. Glasses and funny noses can be put on sticks to be held on front of guests face for pictures, just like a masquerade mask.  Why not throw in some masquerade masks as well?
  • pillows in fun shapes
  • the sky is the limit!

Make Sure the Bride and Groom Get the Pictures – If guests will be using their own cameras, provide a website and login information for them to upload their pictures.  Disposable cameras can also be provided and the collected for the bride and groom to develop.

Go Modern – Apple makes a photo booth application that can be used on some of their devices. The application for the iPad allows you to add thermal imaging, an x- ray look and twist photos in lots of different ways. You can take funny pictures with the application and add effects later as well.

Spread the Word – Make sure everyone knows about the photo booth by having the emcee or DJ announce it.

Give a Little Time to the Pros – Ask the photographer to spend a little time at the photo booth so there are some really good pictures for the album.  Have the photographer direct the bride and groom into a few poses using the photo booth as well.

A do it yourself photo booth will be lots of fun for guests of all ages and is easy to create with things that are already around the house and a few minor and inexpensive additions.