DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

Simple red, white or pink card stock can be turned into awesome and unique Valentine’s Day cards for friends and sweethearts of all ages. Homemade Valentine’s Day cards are a great way to let everyone know you care and make a great craft project for kids. Here are a couple tips to start with, but the possibilities are only limited by imagination and internet searches!

Pocket of Goodness- Fill folio pockets with coupons for hugs and other treats or sweet messages written on card stock.

Blooming Friendship- Messages can be printed on card stock and secured to the center of a bloom. Add some glitter or other details, like patches from doilies to add a special touch.

Stamp It Up- Lots of stamps are readily available to create designs on a homemade card.

Say I Love You In Sign- Trace and cut out a hand shape in card stock. Cut a heart to fit into the palm of the hand in a different color. Fold the ring and middle finger of the hand over the heart and secure, creating the American Sign Language sign for “I Love You”. Secure the hand to a piece of card stock. The message can be written on the heart or the back of the card stock.

Make It Messy- Take a piece of card stock and add red, white and pink stripes. Use cutout shapes, patterned paper, it doesn’t matter. When the glue dries, cut hearts from the messy piece of paper to make great as is collage valentines, or glue the hearts to another solid piece of card stock as an embellishment. If there is time, letters for the word love or other shapes can also be cut from the messy card stock creations.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words- Take a picture of you, your children, the family, whoever, holding a big paper heart saying “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Order copies of the photo online and secure them inside folded card stock. Add a message and enjoy an easy valentine.

Simple card stock, doilies, scissors and a glue stick can create one of a kind invitations. Order card stock in bulk to save money and use it for other craft projects. Search clearance bins for the embellishments and other supplies as well as patterned paper.

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