DIY Photo Booth Fun

I just love the photo booth trend (I even have an app for that — Incredibooth!), but I have to say that I love the DIY versions even that much more.  Technically, I suppose most handmade photo booths are more like photo walls, but, nonetheless, they get the job done providing a bit of silliness and fun at your party.  I’m planning to craft one for my wedding, so I went peeking around for inspiration; below are just a few of my favorites with some handy how-to instructions.

A super simple backdrop can be created from a sheet, shower curtain, or your favorite fabric.  Strung to a clothesline or attached to a frame, this wall comes to life with the addition of extraordinary props.  I love the cat masks above — what an unique idea!

diy photobooth wall with sequins

This photo wall gets jazzed up with huge sequins (yes, please!).  Appropriate snazzy props in shimmery metallics add to the overall look.  Be sure to check out the fun how-to over at Oh, Happy Day.

diy photo frame

Not really a booth or a wall, this lone frame is still a striking concept.  In bright, poppy hues, frames hung at your reception will add to the decor and allow guests to get creative with their photos.

If you’re willing to put in a bit of extra work, you can even set up your computer to print photos on the spot like Becca Miller-Webster of Offbeat Bride did for her own wedding.  Check out her awesome tutorial for the ultimate homemade photo booth.

So… do you have plans to make a photo booth?  Please do tell!

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