Destination Wedding Invitations set the tone for festivity

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event – shouldn’t you choose a once-in-a-lifetime location? You and your future spouse have earned the treat of a destination wedding, and now you want everything to be perfect, from the hotel to the dinner menu (local cuisine, perhaps?), right on down to the wedding invitations!

Of course you’ve planned everything out from the bridesmaid dresses to the flowers, so why not go the extra mile with themed destination wedding invitations?

Hawaii: Invoke the spirit of the islands with shades of gold and blue reminiscent of a sunlit shore. Moving closer inland for your wedding? Try deep exotic greens for an invitation as lovely as the Hawaiian scenery!

Las Vegas: This city demands attention, and so should your wedding invitations! Choose vibrant metallic colors like silver, green, and violet to bring to mind the fireworks and up-all-night thrills of Las Vegas. Throw glitter inside for some extra sparkle!

Mexico: From the resorts of Cabo San Lucas to the beaches of Cancun, Mexico has the lively atmosphere you need for an unforgettable wedding! Pick bright, contrasting colors like green and red for your invitation, and add in a good margarita recipe to get your guests in the spirit.

Europe: Whether it’s Paris, Rome, Milan, or anywhere in between, the European city you choose is sure to add to the romance and spectacle of your wedding day. Include a map for easy walking tours before the big event, or even lists of four-star restaurants and shops so your guests can take full advantage of their time there.

No matter what your destination, with a little creativity you can make the wedding invitations (okay, almost) as exciting as the big day itself!