Cute Wedding Favor Sayings

Many brides and grooms put their favorite quotes or bible verses on their wedding favors.  Some couples are looking for something a little more fun.  These ideas are sure to get a little chuckle from guests.  Choose one or a few to fit the party’s theme.  Use them for wedding receptions, bridal showers or engagement parties.

“The/A perfect blend” – This works very well for coffee and tea favors.

“The/A perfect pair”- This saying works for two of everything.  Use a play on the word “pair” and use “pear”. Tags with the saying can be placed on real or artificial pears.

“Mint to be”- Containers of mints, mint candies, candy canes, and anything else that is mint works for this saying.

“Love is sweet” or “How sweet it is to be loved by you”- Any kind of candies or sweets works for this. Change the one saying to how sweet it is to BEE loved by you and use personalized jars of honey.

“Our love is on fire”- Bottles of hot sauce and BBQ sauce work for this saying as do jars of peppers.

“You have the key to my heart”- Key rings work well with this saying as do locks and hearts with keys attached.

“Our love is always growing” – This saying works great on seeds and plants, as well as donations to organizations that contribute to the environment.

“Lucky in love”- Horseshoes, clovers and other traditional symbols of luck work well for this saying.

“Our love shell last forever” – This one is easy! Use anything with shells.

“Made to bee together”- Use this saying on jars of honey or anything having to do with bees.

“The flame of our love will always burn bright”- Use this on candles and personalized matchbooks.

Almost any wedding favor can use a play on words to create a sweet and fun sentiment. Use a saying that reflects the couple and get creative in making great gifts for all the guests.