The Custom Monogram

If there is one trend we know to be lasting, it is the monogram. Many of our best-selling products feature a monogram, which is appropriate: a marriage is a union of two people, two lives, two names. And a monogram is a simple and personalized way to signify that idea!

There are countless (limitless, really!) formats for monograms, so visualizing the ideal format for your own might be challenging. There are several types of monograms featured randomly throughout our website, but today I’d like to showcase the basics. It’s always nice to have a starting point.

Names accompanied by a small ampersand is generally a clean, simple monogram option.

Names accompanied by a larger ampersand can lend a bolder, edgier look. And why not play up the ampersand a little? It’s the symbol of your union!

Not a fan of ampersands? An “and” tucked in between the names can look just as nice!

Some prefer a more iconic monogram with initials instead of names. As you may notice, names or initials may fit together better in a certain order depending on length and shape, so consider being flexible with which comes “first.”

Often, the last name initial is desired — a symbol of the soon-to-be-shared name.

Again, those are the monogram basics. Depending on font, ink and design choices, there are many, many more formatting opportunities.

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