Colorful Heels All Around

yellow wedding shoesThere are fads that pass through “weddingland” like a freight train (likely for the better) and then there are trends that stick around and visit for awhile.  Brightly hued shoes adorning a bride’s feet isn’t a new idea, but rather it’s kind of become the norm!

Since Kimberly and I shared some shoe inspiration a little while back, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of my own.  I’ve scoured just about every shoe shop in town in search of a cheery set of heels for my big day.  It wasn’t until I was chatting with a friend, however, that I realized how big this had become over the past few years.  She shared that the thought of giving her feet a pop of color didn’t even cross her mind just a couple of years back.  Now, however, I’d say that it’s quite the opposite!

green wedding shoes

Love these green wedding shoes! (

Orange-y coral peep-toes make a pretty appearance.

What color shoe will you wear come your big day?

Image: Yellow shoes (

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